What are “Home Groups”?
Here at Aspire, Home Groups are the backbone of our ministry. Home Groups are the place where the daily ministry of the church takes place. Home Groups are where we study God’s Word together, get to know one another’s needs, pray for those around us, and just generally do life together.

Home Groups are groups of people from Aspire of all ages and walks of life who meet in homes each week. We believe that meeting together on a regular basis, other than Sunday morning, is a time well spent. Our goal is to have everyone involved in a Home Group.

Why Home Groups?
Home Groups build on and dive deeper into what we learned on Sunday. The Sunday morning sermon is simply a conversation starter for the rest of our week. Most of the studies in Home Groups are based on the previous Sunday’s message. These sermon based studies help us grow in our knowledge and be Equipped for living our daily lives for Jesus.

What Do Home Groups Do?
Home Groups are where we do life together, hang out, connect, talk, and pray for each other. Groups also care for many of the needs of their members, should anything arise.

What also excites many people about Home Groups is the opportunity to serve together. Home Group members often serve alongside one another both inside and outside of the church, partnering with Engage, our outreach ministry.

How Can I Get More Info on Home Groups?
We have Home Groups meeting at various locations on almost every night of the week, so we can find one that works for you. For more information on Home Groups, please email us at office@aspirechurchaz.com, or come visit us at the welcome table on Sunday morning!

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