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How Do I Protect My Kids in This Crazy World? – “In Pursuit”

by Brad Hixon

If you’re a parent, no doubt you’ve had that panic moment and thought, “How can I protect my kids in this crazy and chaotic world?”  These types of questions aren’t easy, but Pastor Brad offers some encouragement in this week’s devotional video.  Check it out here:

Entitled, or Just the Right Thing To Do? – “In Pursuit”

by Brad Hixon

What is our obligation as Christians?  To help those who want to work hard?  To help everyone, no questions asked?  With such diametrically opposed views challenging our culture, what’s a biblical response to helping those in need?  Check out this week’s In Pursuit video here:

Does God Care If I’m Happy? – “In Pursuit”

by Brad Hixon

So does God really care if you’re happy?  Or is He simply too busy with other stuff?  And if He does care, then why aren’t you happy all the time?  The Bible has a ton to say about this, check it out on this week’s video:

Why Do I Struggle With the Same Sin? – “In Pursuit”

by Brad Hixon

Will you ever overcome that same struggle that’s plagued you for so long?  You want to, but it seems to keep showing back up again.  In this week’s “In Pursuit” video Pastor Brad explains why we struggle with the same sins, and how in Christ, there is hope to overcome.  Check out the video here: […]

I’m a Christian, So Now What? – “In Pursuit”

by Brad Hixon

Maybe you’re a new Christian, maybe you’re looking to get excited about your faith again.  How can you get started?  Check out this week’s “In Pursuit” video with 3 simple ways to get going on your faith.